Group therapy


Group analytic psychotherapy provides a context in which women can work through the slow and often painful process of personal change.


The idea behind this is that much of the distress we feel and the symptoms we experience result from the way we have learned, through life experiences, to relate to others.


Human beings have always lived in families and social groups: analytic groups therefore provide an ideal setting in which these problems can be examined and resolved.


The aim of the group is towards open communication of thoughts and feelings. This is achieved through interaction of group members with one another, reflecting on the behaviour of self and others. It then becomes possible to link direct experience in the group with problems outside and their origins in early life.

Services provided

  • Open ended psychotherapy groups
  • Fixed term psychotherapy groups focusing on specific issues e.g. sexual abuse

Womankind provides free and subsidised group therapy for women on low incomes and a full fee service for women who can afford to pay.

Our counselling and psychotherapy services are provided within the remit of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Ethical Framework for Good Practice.


Staff and volunteers adhere to Womankind's policies and procedures, including a Code of Confidentiality, Child Protection and Safeguarding Adults from Abuse.

What women say...

Just knowing that the group is there for me each week has made all the difference.


Everything about the centre and staff is very good.